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All members of the public are invited to attend

NAN First Quarterly Meeting Saturday, February 7, 2015  10am to 12 Noon 

Special Panelist Forum on Neighborhood / Social Services / Government

 Supported By:  The NORMALITE - Weekly Newspapers 
Location:  Town of Normal Community Activity Center,
1110 Douglas Street, Normal, IL.




10:00 A.M.   NAN Business (Treasurers Report & Minutes)

Presidents Report-Welcome

10:10 A.M.   Sally Heffernan Assistant to the City Manager

10:25 A.M.   Officer Leopold Community Services Unit, Town of Normal, PD.

 Neighborhood / Social Services / Government Panelist Forum


10:30 A.M.   -Opening Session

10:50 A.M.   -Q&A  Session

11:15 A.M.-Workshop Session

11:35 A.M.    -Closing Session /Neighborhood Reports

12:00 NOON           Adjourn

BeLand Sub. Div.; Broadway-South Fell Association; Fell Park Assoc.; Florence-Hester-Hovey-Payne Assoc.; Franklin Ave.; Ironwood Sub. Div.; Linden Place/Beachwood Com.; Maplewood Assoc.; ONNNA; 
Pheasant Ridge Assoc.; North Bridge Assoc.; NCNA; Normal Ave. Assoc.; Normal Avenue-Univ. Ct. Assoc.;School St. Assoc.; Warmmm Neighbors;
West Cypress, West Poplar, West Sycamore Assoc.; Windsor Hill Assoc.



Bill Yoder-   Assos. Judge               Jason Chambers,  States Attorney

Mike Donnelly Community Impact Manager United Way

Maureen Sollars,  IPLAN-Mental Health Task Force [MCHD]

      JOIN US FOR: An informative Insider's view of Justice in McLean County

Supported By:

  Mr. Ed Pyne,  Publisher  The NORMALITE P.O. Box 67   
309/454-5476    Celebrating 115 Years Of Community Service
  Publishing the human side of the news of the Normal community  

NAN of Normal         



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